A mini-game: The Search

I wanted to learn a bit about RPG Maker XP, a role-playing game creation toolkit that my apprentice, Jake, is using for a project. So I made this little game with one puzzle and some combat.

It uses the stock tiles, sprites, combat system, and sounds provided by the toolkit exclusively, so it’s not going to impress serious gamers or game makers. But, it only took me six hours from “Let me Google for that tool” to finished game.

The game design itself was stream-of-consciousness, but I think it’s pretty decently playable. It centers around a quest, as usual, but at least this quest is one that’s relevant to daily life (though it’s not resolved the way you would do so in daily life, I’m guessing).

To play it, download the link below and save it to some convenient folder. It’s a self-extractor; running it will unpack the files under that folder. You also need to download and install the run-time system from Enterbrain. It’s a huge download for the sake of running this little game (24 MB!), but there we are. I hope you’ve got broadband. Do let me know if you have any trouble playing it.

TheSearch.exe295.03 KB