Mint Box Theremin

My buddy Bob Stuart makes Noise in Montreal. I thought he should have a theremin. Took a weekend. Works.

Every electronics hobbyist gets the theremin bug eventually. I was aware of them, but when I answered a Freecycle ad from fellow Ithacan J. Robert Lennon looking for Altoids boxes, inquired why along with my offer, and found out he was putting optical theremins in them, I looked at his schematic and found it was simple enough to build from parts I had lying around. So I did. My friend Mike Ferdinando built another and put it into an old wooden salted cod box. Then I just left mine on a board with a bunch of audio circuits that I play with now and then - my daughter liked them.

And, of course, the mint tin meme hit MAKE Magazine and now everyone’s doing it.

When Bob told me on Friday about the Noise scene he was playing in in Montreal, I figured he needed some kind of theremin. And he was supposed to be leaving today (Monday). So I decided I’d just take what I had and stick it in a box.

The gallery has more pictures and more detailed construction comments.