roundtrip vigil

I wrote the first verse of this song in an online chat conversation. That may not seem very remarkable, but consider that it was 1987 at the time (~10,000 computers on the Internet, before either the World Wide Web or IRC). The conversation took place on mainframe computers at IBM, where I and my friend Betsy were (supposed to be) working.

The first line was in response to the question, “but why would you?” I don’t remember what preceded that.


who speaks of ‘would’
when it is endless ride
always on the window,
and always on the aisle

i’ll ride till i find her
there next to me

the 12-string alone with me,
wool coat and hat
here again the Buddha,
and hear again the laugh

i’ll ride till i find her
sitting next to me


tjw: 12-string guitar, electric guitar, vocals

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