go here Relationships are always more important than technology. This is as true in the technology business as it is at the dinner table.

go here — TJW

Depredations As an empire ascends, it commits its depredations on other peoples; as it declines, on its own.

follow link — TJW

Enemies and friends The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Furthermore, the friend of the enemy of my enemy’s friend is my brother in law’s cousin, whom I actually met independently at volleyball once.


see url I dislike uncertainty! That’s one thing I’m sure of.

go — Katherine

Knowable and unknowable distinctions Need, or Want?
Can’t, or Won’t?
The buck stops here:
Do, or Don’t.



If I borrow my friend’s mirror, it still looks like me.



I kinda think I should be more certain about things, but then again it may be too early to tell.


Small pointy thing

When computer programmers see a small pointy thing, we assume it’s the tip of an iceberg or the thin end of a wedge. But sometimes it’s just a small pointy thing.


Handcraft a passenger jet

T: “So all we have to do is A, B, C, …, X, Y, and Z.”

J: “And then we can handcraft a passenger jet!”

— Jake Borst


I’d like to be more hopeful, but what are the chances of that?


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