You need a kiss

[while Dad is changing Clara’s diaper for bed]

Dad: Who’s my girl?

Clara: Me!

D: And who’s your daddy?

C: Timothy John Weber. I kiss your fingers.

[kisses each finger on Dad’s left hand in turn]

Dad: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

C: Now the other one.

[ditto on right hand]

C: Your head need to be kissed.

[kisses top of Dad’s head]

C: And your hair… nice hair, Dad. And your forehead…


C: And your ears need to be kissed…


C: And your nose…

[long nose-rubbing kiss]

C: And your cheeks…


C: And your mouse.

[peck on the lips]

D: Thank you so much, Clara! You’re my favorite daughter.