Big waterfall

It’s been bugging me that Clara hasn’t seen any of Ithaca’s waterfalls. (Well, she did last year, but she doesn’t remember that.) She saw this puny little stream flowing over rocks at the Buffalo Zoo, and it was very nice and otters were playing in it and all, but she kept talking about the “water falling,” and, once instructed, the waterfall. We live in Waterfall Central, so her experience needed widening.

So we went up the gorge today. It was, well, I’m afraid ‘gorgeous’ is the only word. See snapshots (and following). She was quietly taking it all in. Wanted to know if there were fish in the creek. We said no, not right now. She said maybe they were sleeping. Sure, we said. “Wake up, fish!” she announced. “Yeah,” I said, “Wake up, everyone! There’s things to do!” She also really appreciated the “big waterfall.”

At the top we went to a little convenience store in Collegetown and bought Nilla Wafers and ate them on the way down. The Commons was bustling; one busker playing hurdy-gurdy and one playing guitar. So many people out and about. Then we had sweet corn for dinner.

It just doesn’t get much better than this.

(That understanding does not stop my constant craving for project completion. It doesn’t matter.)