Sump pump victory!

Sump pump alarm - beauty shot

So last night, we were sitting around with Karen, Lou, and Molly, and both Karen and Katherine said they heard an alarm beeping. I listened for a few seconds, and heard the distinctive “long, long, short short short” of my sump pump alarm. I swung into action!

Actually, there’s not a lot to tell - the alarm was going off, the ground-fault interrupt had in fact tripped, I reset it, the pump went on again, and all was well. It happened once again during the evening.

But having not a lot to tell is the point! This was the first true test of the alarm in action, and it Just Worked. If we hadn’t had it, I might have checked the basement today or tomorrow… or maybe not until next weekend… and with the rain coming down the way it’s been, who knows what might have been damaged. Instead, I was politely informed of the necessity of pressing a button, I went and pressed it, and all was well.

A man and his house in harmony.