Tinker Bell's headlight

Tinker Bell's headlight

I thought it would be fun to add a couple of light emitting diodes (LEDs) to Clara’s Tinker Bell costume this Halloween.

These are similar to the “throwies” described in Make Magazine and on Instructables, except with a barrette instead of a magnet. So simple, took about ten minutes total, and probably cost well under a dollar.

Not only did it add a bit of sparkle, it also made her easy to spot in a crowd of kids clustering around someone’s porch.

More photos of the costume (and girl) are on my gallery.


Battery life

For the record, I used an Energizer 2025 lithium coin cell. Perceived brightness decreased roughly linearly; after three days, it had about reached the minimum useful level. At four days (tonight), it’s still visible as “lit” if you look closely but wouldn’t be much use even outside in the dark.

So that’s a pretty good lifetime for a one-shot item; much more than I would have guessed.