Guy lives!

Guy lives!

As of last weekend, it appears I’ve started working on animation again! Woohoo!

Guy in GuyLand is a project I’ve been working on since 1999; it follows little Guy through his dreams. This story concept supports the production concept: I don’t commit to a scene until the previous scenes are finished. This helps keeps it fresh for me, which is important for solo animation projects that stretch over decades!

After Clara was born, I had a hard time keeping up with the project, and somehow (with the inscrutable logic of hobbies), I started doing electronics at a new level (that level being ‘obsession’). But now electronics has moved over into the Professional column of my life, so there’s room for animation to return. I knew it would. Creativity always goes in cycles.

Anyway, the main new thing is the addition of the long-recorded but never-published music for the title scene. This includes one of my favorite instruments, a sort-of invention I call the “electrozheng.” I think (though Steve Goodie may correct me if I’m wrong) that it rocks.

This is also the first time I’ve hosted video on YouTube, or anywhere else other than my own hosting accounts, so it’s an interesting step into that whole world.

Ah, it’s live on YouTube now.

Wow, that’s… well, it’s OK video quality. Let me know if you wanna see better (13 MB).



Love the latest addition! Lolalove