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A cat that fetches?

Of course many cats like to play with toys, and chase them, but I’ve never had one before that would bring a toy to me, fetch it back, and repeat ad infinitum. I thought that was a dog thing.


New robot chassis

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QR0RnFN2S4 For some reason, I’ve always wanted to build a robot with tracks, and I’ve lusted after the Tamiya tank tread kit at SparkFun. So, when I scored $40 of credit on their recent Free Day, I bought it and the relevant accessories. read more...

Knowable and unknowable distinctions

Need, or Want?
Can’t, or Won’t?
The buck stops here:
Do, or Don’t.


What is the most important cause of war?

This was non-scientific poll mainly intended to provoke thought and discussion on Veterans’ Day 2010.

Economics - a vast military/industrial complex must generate weapons of war, and they will then be used
25% (15)
Class struggle - those in poverty struggle for more security; those who have it want to keep it; if they’re separated clearly enough, they’ll fight
20% (12)
Human nature - divisions get entrenched, leading to blame, hatred, and the view that another clan is sub-human and/or dangerous
18% (11)
Greed - for resources such as land, oil, water
17% (10)
Religion - religious institutions inciting violence, for conversion, cleansing, or punishment; or absence of religious teachings about peace
13% (8)
Social value - war stimulates commerce, technology, science; promotes travel and genetic diversity
5% (3)
Bad people - sociopaths, megalomaniacs, power junkies, haters of freedom
2% (1)
Total voters: 3

When The Man Jumps Down

First track off of the 10 10! album, recorded live by my old band, God And Country, at the Risley coffeehouse at Cornell University on October 10, 1987. The song is about a time when all the Jesuses on all the crucifixes across the country shake loose and jump down. They then walk to the sea and jump in, prompting thousands of people to follow them.

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