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we do not meet by chance

“Do you believe in a love at first sight?/Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.”

Well, of course it does. Sometimes, unconditional love just occurs, with no discernible reason, no excuse for lowering the defenses, and no way to put them back up.

Love at first sight can take many forms. Sometimes it comes (at least to me) in dreams, and I spend the next day a bit dazed and moody and yearning. Sometimes it leads to romance, and sometimes marriage. read more...

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Dawn of Exploration

Dawn of Exploration

I did this in Ray Dream Studio. At some point (before various corporate transformations), they used it on the Ray Dream product box and promotional literature.

roundtrip vigil

I wrote the first verse of this song in an online chat conversation. That may not seem very remarkable, but consider that it was 1987 at the time (~10,000 computers on the Internet, before either the World Wide Web or IRC). The conversation took place on mainframe computers at IBM, where I and my friend Betsy were (supposed to be) working.

The first line was in response to the question, “but why would you?” I don’t remember what preceded that.

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growing up in the garden

This is about my roots in Woodstock, New York, where natural beauty and proximity to New York City pull in different directions.

I wrote this on my way back for a visit. It recorded unusually quickly. It has lot of local references, but I think the idea is a universal one. read more...

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come to me

An upbeat song about the empty times. The yearning to be filled, which makes our lives vibrant, requires that emptiness.

This song is part of an ongoing theme of songs that can be interpreted either romantically or spiritually - as serenade or bhajan. This one leans toward the spiritual, as I’d been spending time sitting with a statue of Shiva given me by a friend’s family’s Indian guru, and reading devotional Shaivite poetry. But relationship emptiness and spiritual emptiness are different sides of the same coin, and the desire to have that emptiness filled in - now! - is the same desire.

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