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I asked Dad for a piano sound today. Then I strummed on the guitar with my pick, and then I bonked the pick on the drum pad a little. Here’s what it sounded like:

Big waterfall

It’s been bugging me that Clara hasn’t seen any of Ithaca’s waterfalls. (Well, she did last year, but she doesn’t remember that.) She saw this puny little stream flowing over rocks at the Buffalo Zoo, and it was very nice and otters were playing in it and all, but she kept talking about the “water falling,” and, once instructed, the waterfall. We live in Waterfall Central, so her experience needed widening. read more...


Today I was playing the drum in Dad’s office that makes lots of different sounds through the computer. He kept changing the sound it would play, and then I’d play the drum to see what it was. Once he changed it and said, “What’s that sound?” I played the drum pad. It was a tuba. I like the tuba. I said “Tuba!” He was all surprised because I’d only ever heard him make a tuba sound with his voice. Psha.

Hello, world!

After about nine years of exhibitionism on my Lightlink page, it's now become time for me to have my own domain. A .com domain would have more cachet, and I almost went with tjdub.com (shorter, too), but Katherine convinced me that it would be good to use something people could remember, so here we are.

I've been using Drupal as a site-management tool on a number of sites lately, and so I've put it up here and will base this new site around it. I love it like an engineer loves a good new tool. According to Harry Kim of Voyager, the Five Steps of the Ferengi Process of Acquisition (or something like that) are: read more...

Hutch Owen's Farting Around

Hutch Owen's Farting Around

For almost a year on-and-off, I’ve been working on a 3-D model of the Hutch Owen character from my old friend Tom Hart’s comic books. This month, I completed his body and made it fully animatable. Check out his Hutch Web page to see if the model matches the character.

Hash Animation:Master, Illustrator, Photoshop, ImageReady
July 2000-May 2001

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