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DingBot in beta

The first DingBot unit is now finished and in use! read more...

PrayBot deployed

With a few new ideas for the last mechanical bits having arrived during my shower this morning, and a subsequent frenzy of Dremeling and hot-glueing, the PrayBot was in place and functional for the start of Summer! read more...

DingBot PCBs

DingBot PCBs

The printed circuit boards for two DingBot units. Made by Advanced Circuits, and I think the quality’s great. Their standard prototype package doesn’t include solder mask or silk screen, but that’s fine for these prototypes. It also doesn’t include interior routing, but a few quick passes with the Dremel took out the corner bites and enlarged some of the holes I had goofed up.

Looking forward to getting these assembled and in their boxes!

Rose #12

Rose #12

The rose from the Eleven Roses story.

Eleven Roses

Rose #12

Clara and I often get smiles from strangers as we walk through town, with Clara riding in her backpack, singing and swinging her feet. It was a great feeling that she was so happy: just three days ago she woke up from her nap with a fever of 106 degrees, and spent a traumatic evening in the emergency room. read more...

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