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What's New

DingBot goes public with new protocol

I’ve replaced the network protocol on the DingBot with SprinkleNet, a much more robust packet-based approach that has improved reliability tremendously. And, there are now four completed DingBots in the world. read more...

Winter Solstice: DimBot 1.0

Unto us a sun is given!

Don't Panic

[Clara is drawing lots of letter H’s on her chalkboard.]

Katherine: Hey, do you want to try drawing some letter K’s?

Clara: Don’t panic, Mom, I’m just drawing H’s right now.

Best Toy

Clara: Daddy, you’re my best toy.

Timothy: Aw, thanks!

C: Come, toy!

[frantic arm gestures]

C: I’m playing with you!

Robot Taxonomy

Having been playing with various electronic gadget designs that might or might not be considered “robots,” and recently thinking about buying a Roomba, I was wondering what my own working definition of a robot actually is. Here’s what I came up with while washing the dishes. read more...

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