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DimBot dimming well

DimBot’s phase control is working well now, so our bedroom lights fade up over a period of ten minutes. Still got some glitches, but it wakes us up slowly as desired. And it’s… good! read more...

Front page above the fold again

The local paper doesn’t keep their archives available very long, but here it is.

Second time in three years! Small town, I guess.

ET-3400 project notes

Some technical notes on wiring up an EEPROM to the ET-3400, for those interested. read more...


Clara begins her useful career as additional memory space for Dad’s brain.

(Clara is setting a play table.)

Clara: Heeeere’s your lunch, Dad.

Dad: Thanks! What is it?

C: It’s soup!

D: Mmm. What’s in this soup?

C: Noodles, and cheese, and… beans and…

D: Carrots?

C: Yes.

D: And split peas? I like split peas.

C: Yes!

D: And, uh… um… what are those white things that look like carrots… you know, they’re so good in soup… what’s the word, I can never remember it…

C: Parsnips?

D: Yes! Parsnips!

C: Yes!

DimBot is timely

Reuters article “Dawn simulator curbs wintertime blues” reports claims that dawn simulation (what DimBot is designed to do) is almost as effective as bright light therapy, the current conventional treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). read more...

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