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Penguin grammar

Clara: Mom, me and Happy Feet were…

Mom (interrupts): Happy Feet and I

Clara: No, Mom, I said Happy Feet and me.

Mom: Yes, but the way you say it is “Happy Feet and I.”

Clara: But Mom, it was me and Happy Feet!

Dad: Mom is telling you that the way that grown-ups say it is to say “I” instead of “me.”

Mom: Yeah, cause you wouldn’t say “me go to the store,” you would say “I go to the store.”


Clara: Mom, Happy Feet and I …

Dinosaur book

[Clara is looking at a dinosaur book.]

Clara: I know what this says: “Rocky… Records. How… do we… k-now? kunnou?

Timothy: ‘Know.’ That’s a weird one - a silent K that makes the O say its name.

C: “How do we know… what dinosaurs… looked… like?” On this page there’s the skeletons. I think this skeleton is from this dinosaur. See, Dad?” read more...

Tinker Bell's headlight

Tinker Bell's headlight

I thought it would be fun to add a couple of light emitting diodes (LEDs) to Clara’s Tinker Bell costume this Halloween.

These are similar to the “throwies” described in Make Magazine and on Instructables, except with a barrette instead of a magnet. read more...

Broken bowl

[Clara is in the living room watching a movie. Mom and Dad are in the family room. They hear a crash. Coming to investigate, they find a ceramic bowl shattered on the floor and Clara standing near it.]

Dad: What happened? [pauses the movie]

Clara: The bowl fell and broke.

D: What did it have in it?


Ω, UCM? ESO τ!

S, ESA ρR. UF2B τ 2BA ρR.

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