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Clara: Mom, in the morning I am all filled up with silliness!

Timothy: I think the silliness fills you up while you’re sleeping.

Katherine: And then maybe it leaks out during the day, so you’re not as silly by evening.

C: No, Mom, I can be silly at night too. Watch: bleahbleahbleah!!!

On a great-grandmother's death

[Clara hears the news.]

Clara: I think we should get some flowers for [Grandma] Nanny to cheer her up.

Timothy: Yeah, actually, I think that’s a great idea. read more...

Letter to the Dull Men's Club

Dear Sirs,

I enjoy visiting your web site, and as a computer engineer and Buddhist meditator, I have always felt confident that I could be considered a member.

Like many dull men, my breakfast rarely varies - every few years the particular brand of breakfast cereal I eat changes due to factors out of my control, but otherwise, the menu is soothingly consistent.

However, yesterday I noticed a carafe of orange juice in the refrigerator. This is an unusual occurrence; I think my wife obtained it for some visiting child. Well, something came over me, and I poured myself a half-glass. read more...


Clara: Mom, I can count in Spanish. Uno, dos, tres, quatro, fingo, seis.

Mom: Wow, that’s great!

Clara: And, do you know how to say “Yes?”

Mom: ¿En Español? ¿Como?

Clara: Nope, it’s “Si.”

Penguin grammar

Clara: Mom, me and Happy Feet were…

Mom (interrupts): Happy Feet and I

Clara: No, Mom, I said Happy Feet and me.

Mom: Yes, but the way you say it is “Happy Feet and I.”

Clara: But Mom, it was me and Happy Feet!

Dad: Mom is telling you that the way that grown-ups say it is to say “I” instead of “me.”

Mom: Yeah, cause you wouldn’t say “me go to the store,” you would say “I go to the store.”


Clara: Mom, Happy Feet and I …

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