What is the most important cause of war?

This was non-scientific poll mainly intended to provoke thought and discussion on Veterans’ Day 2010.

Economics - a vast military/industrial complex must generate weapons of war, and they will then be used
25% (15)
Class struggle - those in poverty struggle for more security; those who have it want to keep it; if they’re separated clearly enough, they’ll fight
20% (12)
Human nature - divisions get entrenched, leading to blame, hatred, and the view that another clan is sub-human and/or dangerous
18% (11)
Greed - for resources such as land, oil, water
17% (10)
Religion - religious institutions inciting violence, for conversion, cleansing, or punishment; or absence of religious teachings about peace
13% (8)
Social value - war stimulates commerce, technology, science; promotes travel and genetic diversity
5% (3)
Bad people - sociopaths, megalomaniacs, power junkies, haters of freedom
2% (1)
Total voters: 3



Turnout was somewhat lower than the pool of eligible voters (3 out of 2 billion), so results may not accurately reflect the opinions of the entire electorate.