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Breakfast conversation with Mom

This is what Mommy and I were talking about this morning. Mom wrote it all down word for word, so I guess it’s probably true! (C = me, K = Mommy, for reasons I don’t really understand. I mean, how could “Mommy” start with the “kuh” sound?? I swear, I’m not even two, and I can already tell that English is a broken language.)

C: Clara’s napkin! Pick it up — a big one! (while picking up a cottage cheese curd)
(C notices K bring in a small notebook that C has been drawing in lately)
C: Clara’s book! I want it! That’s mine!
K: Oh, I’m sorry. Can I write in it?
C: That’s mine, that’s mine!

Cat dream

Last night I dreamed that Buddy was taking a bath outside my window.

Here’s a little piano playing from this evening.


I asked Dad for a piano sound today. Then I strummed on the guitar with my pick, and then I bonked the pick on the drum pad a little. Here’s what it sounded like:


Today I was playing the drum in Dad’s office that makes lots of different sounds through the computer. He kept changing the sound it would play, and then I’d play the drum to see what it was. Once he changed it and said, “What’s that sound?” I played the drum pad. It was a tuba. I like the tuba. I said “Tuba!” He was all surprised because I’d only ever heard him make a tuba sound with his voice. Psha.

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