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Clara begins her useful career as additional memory space for Dad’s brain.

(Clara is setting a play table.)

Clara: Heeeere’s your lunch, Dad.

Dad: Thanks! What is it?

C: It’s soup!

D: Mmm. What’s in this soup?

C: Noodles, and cheese, and… beans and…

D: Carrots?

C: Yes.

D: And split peas? I like split peas.

C: Yes!

D: And, uh… um… what are those white things that look like carrots… you know, they’re so good in soup… what’s the word, I can never remember it…

C: Parsnips?

D: Yes! Parsnips!

C: Yes!

Don't Panic

[Clara is drawing lots of letter H’s on her chalkboard.]

Katherine: Hey, do you want to try drawing some letter K’s?

Clara: Don’t panic, Mom, I’m just drawing H’s right now.

Best Toy

Clara: Daddy, you’re my best toy.

Timothy: Aw, thanks!

C: Come, toy!

[frantic arm gestures]

C: I’m playing with you!

Hickory Dickory Hat

[Clara is playing. Her mom has given her a small irregularly-shaped piece of leftover fabric with the ends stitched together; she wears it on her head and calls it a hat. She sees a toy clock on a shelf. Starts moving its hands around. Sings:]

Hickory, dickory, dock.
A mouse run up the clock.

[Clara’s “hat” falls off her head. Still singing, in tune:]

My hat fall off,
A mouse run down,
Hickory, dickory, dock.

Australia zoo

[contains many references to the Wiggles DVD Wiggly Safari and the song “Wobbly Camels”]

C: [singing] Wobbly camel walking by…

T: [singing] With padded hooves and hooded eye…

C: Camels at Buffalo Zoo.

Buckwheat song

Clara (to the tune, roughly of the Maisy theme song) (sung to her buckwheat cereal):

What you do today in my bowl?
Cock doodle doo.
I love you,

You need a kiss

[while Dad is changing Clara’s diaper for bed]

Dad: Who’s my girl?

Clara: Me!

D: And who’s your daddy?

C: Timothy John Weber. I kiss your fingers.

[kisses each finger on Dad’s left hand in turn] read more...

Say what?

[during some conversation about monkeys]

Timothy: We saw monkeys at the zoo.

Katherine: What?!

Timothy: Uh… what did you think I said?

Secret pants!

[Background note: Timothy’s birthday is coming up, and Katherine has been making something in great secrecy, banishing Timothy to his office for periods of time. (This is like banishing Brer Rabbit to the briar patch. But we digress.) —Ed.]

Clara: … Presents.
Timothy: Presents?

Green cup

C: Want sumpin’a drink.
K: OK… here’s some water.
(hands her a green plastic cup)
C: Green cup. Deacon Darby! Deacon green cup; Darby blue cup.
K: Uh, yeah, it is the same kind of cup they used when they came over for dinner…
T: … two weeks ago?!

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