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Penguin grammar

Clara: Mom, me and Happy Feet were…

Mom (interrupts): Happy Feet and I

Clara: No, Mom, I said Happy Feet and me.

Mom: Yes, but the way you say it is “Happy Feet and I.”

Clara: But Mom, it was me and Happy Feet!

Dad: Mom is telling you that the way that grown-ups say it is to say “I” instead of “me.”

Mom: Yeah, cause you wouldn’t say “me go to the store,” you would say “I go to the store.”


Clara: Mom, Happy Feet and I …

Dinosaur book

[Clara is looking at a dinosaur book.]

Clara: I know what this says: “Rocky… Records. How… do we… k-now? kunnou?

Timothy: ‘Know.’ That’s a weird one - a silent K that makes the O say its name.

C: “How do we know… what dinosaurs… looked… like?” On this page there’s the skeletons. I think this skeleton is from this dinosaur. See, Dad?” read more...

Broken bowl

[Clara is in the living room watching a movie. Mom and Dad are in the family room. They hear a crash. Coming to investigate, they find a ceramic bowl shattered on the floor and Clara standing near it.]

Dad: What happened? [pauses the movie]

Clara: The bowl fell and broke.

D: What did it have in it?

Damn door

[Katherine and Clara return home at the end of the school day.]

K: Oh, good - John took the sheetrock away! Hey - let’s see if he took the door!

[they go to the storage room]

K: He didn’t take the damn door.

C: What damn door? Where’s the damn door?

K: That door right there.

C: That’s a damn door?

K: Yup… that’s the door.

C: What’s a damn door?

K: Uh… This is just a door.

Not Pants


[Clara has gone to school in a nice new outfit. Mom picks her up.]

Mom: How’d that new outfit work out?

Clara: I like it.

Mom: How do those new pants feel?

Clara: Mom: they’re not pants.

Mom: Uh… what are they?

Clara: They’re leggings.

Mild cheddar

K: “I’m making eggs. Clara, do you want some?”

C: “Yes.”

T: “Could I put my name in for some too?”

K: “Sure. Do you want cheese on yours?”

T: “Yeah. What cheese do we have?”

K: “I’m having mild cheddar.”

T: “Sounds good.”

C: “I want your old cheddar too!”

A little fancy

[Clara is sick. Timothy wakes her up at night to give her medicine. She never fully awakens. But she says one last thing before closing her eyes.]

Clara: Dad?

Timothy: Yeah.

C: I put that… purple ribbon… on the… doorknob… so it’d be… little fancy.

T: Ah! I see.

C: [snore]

Winnie The Mondegreen

[Timothy and Katherine are discussing the next Star Trek movie, which is entering preproduction.]

Clara: Dad?

T: Yes?

C: I’m puzzled.

Preschool proof

The three-year-old logical process:

  1. According to Thomas The Tank Engine, trains have “drivers.”

  2. According to Busytown, trains have “engineers.”

Front page above the fold again

The local paper doesn’t keep their archives available very long, but here it is.

Second time in three years! Small town, I guess.

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