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Henry Hobbes

(“It’s my new poem,” Clara explains.)

Henry Hobbes went to town
Making spirits bright
Along came Santa Bear
With light bulbs all around him
And clocks all around them.


[Katherine has the new Coldplay album on in the living room, loud so she can hear it while cleaning the kitchen. Clara is curled up on the living room couch, listening. Katherine enters.]

K (shouting): IS THIS TOO LOUD FOR YOU??

C (shouting): NO!! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE LOUD!!

It's all in the timing

(Clara is getting up at night to pee. She holds a small cat robot as she sits on the toilet. She is not entirely awake, and very groggy.)

Clara: Mom?

Katherine: Yes?

C: (pause) Mom—…

K: Yes.

C: The only thing… (pause) that Kitty likes…

(long pause)

K: Yes?

C: … is the smell…

(long, long pause)

C: … of wildflowers.

Words for E week

Clara: This week is E week at school!

Timothy: That’s Exciting.

Katherine: Let’s see how many Extra E-words we can find. Elephant, and Egg…

(many fine words are named)

K: Oh - and here’s a good one: Eye. It doesn’t sound like an E word, does it? Hm, anything that starts with Ep-… Ep-…

Clara: Epinephrine?

K: … ah… yeah, that’s a very good E word!

Billions of memories

Clara and Dad are walking to school.

Clara: I love when you drop me off at school and pick me up.

Dad: Yeah, I think yesterday was the first time I ever did both.

C: Yeah. You know what, Dad?

D: What?

C: I love you… ten hundred million!

D: Well thanks!

C: …Is that even a number?

D: Well, ten hundreds is a thousand, and a thousand millions is a billion. So it’s a billion. And that’s a number.

C: Dad?

D: Yes?

C: I’ll always remember you.

D: That’s so nice. I’ll always remember you too.

Obama Day

(As Dad sings the first of the usual bedtime songs, Clara has her eyes closed but is smiling. He finishes the first song.)

Clara: Dad? You know why I was smiling?

Timothy: No, why?

C: It was because I had a funny dream that made me happy.

T: Uh huh?

C: I dreamed I was Obama. (rolls over, goes to sleep)

A.L. Kid's Day

Clara: Dad, when’s Arthur Lutha Kid’s Day?

Timothy: Uh… what?


Clara: Mom, in the morning I am all filled up with silliness!

Timothy: I think the silliness fills you up while you’re sleeping.

Katherine: And then maybe it leaks out during the day, so you’re not as silly by evening.

C: No, Mom, I can be silly at night too. Watch: bleahbleahbleah!!!

On a great-grandmother's death

[Clara hears the news.]

Clara: I think we should get some flowers for [Grandma] Nanny to cheer her up.

Timothy: Yeah, actually, I think that’s a great idea. read more...


Clara: Mom, I can count in Spanish. Uno, dos, tres, quatro, fingo, seis.

Mom: Wow, that’s great!

Clara: And, do you know how to say “Yes?”

Mom: ¿En Español? ¿Como?

Clara: Nope, it’s “Si.”

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