Savage Worlds adventure notes

Role-playing games seem to be undergoing a renaissance. Guys my age who played them (particularly D&D) as kids are playing them again as adults.

Some of this is fueled by nostalgia. But it seems like the renaissance is going past that, and we’re starting to think about how to get the most out of these games as adults. One trend is away from a style of play that mostly duplicates what you could do in a typical video game, and toward more creative realization of characters, dramatic plots, and spontaneous improvisation. The way I think of it, in the old days we were imagining ourselves inhabiting the books we enjoyed, and trying to succeed in those situations; now we’re trying out the idea of collaboratively making a compelling action movie in those genres, playing interesting characters. It’s less about collecting victory points and powers, and more about making memorable dramatic scenes.

One game system that seems to support this (among a rapidly-enlarging field of them) is Savage Worlds. Some friends and I are giving it a try.

The attached file is a wiki-style log of some of our adventures and a repository of information about the story. It’s mostly for the players’ use, but feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

The interface for the wiki implies that you can modify it, but you can’t save any changes.

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