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living downstream

I wrote this when my daughter was in kindergarten, and recorded it just after she left for college.

I had intended to write a song extolling our elementary school, to oppose shutting it down, but ended up meandering off into musings on place, names, time, and the dream I’d had the previous night.

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Halloween skull project

I’m thinking I should transition this site to be mostly a list of pointers to where I’m actually posting the things I create, which is on a bunch of other sites.

So, here’s one: I’m exploring Factr, and I’m documenting this year’s Halloween project there, a skull that watches you.

side by side (2018)

I wrote this while sitting on the Cornell arts quad during my daughter’s band rehearsal. The campus symbolized my past, and her future. She was almost as old as I was when my father died. All that led to some writing, and then this.

This track is quite a different approach from the first one; it’s all synths plus vocals, and a much more active texture.

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every time

Eventually, there is no experience so small that it can’t break your heart.

This is a rough demo, and I could see doing a grander production of it, but I’m enjoying posting these quick drafts to get raw new songs out into the world.

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Troubleshooting Rule #7: Poke it with a stick

At this point in the troubleshooting process, you’re starting to feel desperate, willing to try anything, even poking the problem with a stick. Do that. But don’t do it desperately, do it scientifically. read more...

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