verisimilitude\\\\\\\\'è For Tom and Leela. Written and recorded this morning.

Lyrics: I stand on the staircase
Look over the railing
Am I going up or down,
Don’t understand what brought me here,
Not sure if it’s safe to move my feet.

I sit in the bedroom
Look at the ceiling
You were here, I’m sure of it,
I’m sure of it, I’m sure of it,
I’m sure, I’m sure, I’m sure that it’s
Impossible to say it was a dream. I sit on the sofa
Look out the window
Wonder if I’ll ever see that
Vision of the world that way again


sites opções binarias tjw: ukulele, vocals.

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What a lovely melody. The words are either terribly sad or just wistful as you wish. And the ukelele sounds unexpectedly great!

Thank you!

I’m glad about the ambiguity - the one thing I’m ever sure about in this kind of situation is that my feelings change constantly, and that in fact I can be feeling multiple contradictory things at the same time (thank you, Lewis Carroll!). And yes, ‘unexpectedly great’ is just how I feel about this new ukulele!

Absolutely beautiful….

Absolutely beautiful….

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!