Visual, static art: photos, drawings, 3-D renderings, photos of sculpture, etc.

3D-printed burr puzzle

Burr puzzle, assembled

piattaforma binaria demo I read Scientific American religiously as a child. Sometime around 1980, in Martin Gardner’s “Mathematical Games” column, he reprinted a woodcut from an 1893 book called Puzzles Old And New by one Professor Hoffman. The illustration showed the pieces and assembled form of what Hoffman called the “Nut” puzzle, and Gardner explained that there were many variations of this puzzle.

follow I was fascinated, and wanted to see how it worked. So I made one out of balsa wood, and solved it. read more...

Guy lives!

Guy lives! As of last weekend, it appears I’ve started working on animation again! Woohoo! go here read more...

Portrait of Dad

Portrait of Dad I draw a face. That’s a beard onna bottom. Dad’s beard! It’s Daddy!

Cayuga Lake II

Cayuga Lake II

“I draw our lake again.” [Definite sense of wanting something more from the previous work. Dad helped selecting tools and gave general guidance on where to put the water and trees by gesturing; Clara did all drawing with Wacom tablet.]

Cayuga Lake I

Cayuga Lake I

“I draw our lake.” [Topic declared; An underwater image, I think. Dad helped select tools; all drawing by Clara in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.]

New media

Sneezy pumpkin

Some new photos are up on the Gallery - both miscellaneous Fall people shots and a separate album for Halloween shots (and I assume I’ll have more tomorrow). I’m particularly excited about the sneezy pumpkin that Clara, Katherine and I made today, and about the new video I’ve finally managed to figure out how to publish from my camera phone.

I think I’ve got stuff set up correctly now so that new additions to the Gallery will automatically show up on the left side of this site. This without a single line of code, because Gallery publishes changes in RSS and Drupal can subscribe to them. Did I mention Drupal rocks?

Big waterfall

It’s been bugging me that Clara hasn’t seen any of Ithaca’s waterfalls. (Well, she did last year, but she doesn’t remember that.) She saw this puny little stream flowing over rocks at the Buffalo Zoo, and it was very nice and otters were playing in it and all, but she kept talking about the “water falling,” and, once instructed, the waterfall. We live in Waterfall Central, so her experience needed widening. read more...

Hutch Owen's Farting Around

Hutch Owen's Farting Around

For almost a year on-and-off, I’ve been working on a 3-D model of the Hutch Owen character from my old friend Tom Hart’s comic books. This month, I completed his body and made it fully animatable. Check out his Hutch Web page to see if the model matches the character.

Hash Animation:Master, Illustrator, Photoshop, ImageReady
July 2000-May 2001

Sir Saynomore's Last Quest

I guess it didn't turn out too well for him. But who could predict giant Muppets? binäre optionen welcher anbieter read more...

Dawn of Exploration

Dawn of Exploration

I did this in Ray Dream Studio. At some point (before various corporate transformations), they used it on the Ray Dream product box and promotional literature.

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