guadagnare con le opzioni binarie principianti I’m trying to judge myself less harshly, but so far it’s been a total failure.

Self-improvement I’m trying to give up self-improvement, but I still have a long way to go.


i need to buy Priligy without a prescription in Columbus Ohio I’m trying to be less competitive, but I’m still worse at it than other people I know.

Desire 3 Desire redirected transforms.

go — TJW

Desire 2

Desire suppressed intensifies.


Weber's First Law of Consciousness

What we contemplate, we become.



Desire indulged widens.


Break the spell

Break the spell of urgency. Then see what is needed. Then do it.


Weber's First Law of Cosmology

Weber’s First Law of Cosmology:

Something is better than nothing.



The point of democracy is not that the warlords are somehow controlled by the masses. It’s just a mechanism for transferring power from one warlord to another without actually having to fight the war.


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