A Jewel

options calls and puts [as recorded by Catharine O’Neill, some months ago]

follow url Clara: I found a jewel. When I have my bath, I’ll be a mermaid. You can hide the jewel in the bath. Then I can find it at the bottom of the ocean.

puntata minima opzioni binarie Timothy: OK. I’ll hide it when you’re not looking, or even thinking about it.

http://mieto.fi/?loask=provare-opzioni-binarie&b69=ea C: OK. (pause) It’s time to hide the jewel now.

http://lnx.autoinforma.it/index.php?format=raw T: Wasn’t I supposed to hide it when you’re not thinking about it?

http://fisflug.is/?yrus=ajutopzionibinarie-com-binarie-co&64b=74 C: Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about it.