Manos found guilty

Visit This LinkManos found guilty
Jury convicts Ithaca woman of murder, abuse of niece, 2”

buy Lyrica 150 mg Life recovers.
But not completely.
Wounds heal into scars, sometimes beautiful scars.
But not always.

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useful content When we despair of life’s cruelty,
life’s kindness is not a sufficient answer,
nor is a secret Order of things.
But simply: life exists,
scarred and broken as it is.
The only planet free of pain
is a planet desolate of life.

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blog here A desire for no-pain, for safety,
for baby girls not to be raped and destroyed,
is a desire for things not to be as they are. Yet,
without that desire,
what would we be?
What use is compassion
without the desire to protect? A desire to feed, clothe, teach, protect, and love
all children
doomed to painful disappointment