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Billions of memories

http://melroth.com/?komp=il-miglior-broker-di-opzioni-binarie&5b9=d4 Clara and Dad are walking to school.

http://medeniyetvakfiadana.com/?baewr=iq-option-regolamentato-da&68a=31 Clara: I love when you drop me off at school and pick me up.

go to site Dad: Yeah, I think yesterday was the first time I ever did both.

learn option trading in hindi C: Yeah. You know what, Dad?

here D: What?

http://kokiqq.net/?ruuw=binary-options-price-action-trading-strategy&1bb=bc C: I love you… ten hundred million!

migliore piattaforma per opzioni digitali 2018 D: Well thanks!

C: …Is that even a number?

D: Well, ten hundreds is a thousand, and a thousand millions is a billion. So it’s a billion. And that’s a number.

C: Dad?

D: Yes?

C: I’ll always remember you.

D: That’s so nice. I’ll always remember you too.

Obama Day

(As Dad sings the first of the usual bedtime songs, Clara has her eyes closed but is smiling. He finishes the first song.)

Clara: Dad? You know why I was smiling?

Timothy: No, why?

C: It was because I had a funny dream that made me happy.

T: Uh huh?

C: I dreamed I was Obama. (rolls over, goes to sleep)

Compact[ed] discs

We had our first real snowfall of the season last night, about eight inches. I successfully shoveled without apparently hurting my back! Yay!

In celebration, and in response to all the Christmas songs playing all around me, I’d like to bump an old post of carol parodies. The first one is the one I had in mind, though I still like the second too.

A.L. Kid's Day

Clara: Dad, when’s Arthur Lutha Kid’s Day?

Timothy: Uh… what? http://creatingsparks.com/blog/robots.txt


Clara: Mom, in the morning I am all filled up with silliness!

Timothy: I think the silliness fills you up while you’re sleeping.

Katherine: And then maybe it leaks out during the day, so you’re not as silly by evening.

C: No, Mom, I can be silly at night too. Watch: bleahbleahbleah!!!

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