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Black Snake

strategia 2 minuti opzioni binarie [as recorded by Catharine O’Neill, some months ago]

buy cytotec online usa in Portland Oregon Clara: I’m glad we’re past the snake.

opzioni binarie e volumi Timothy: What snake? I didn’t see a snake.

opzioni binarie a un euro C: That black hose. It looks like a snake so I call it the snake hose.

binäre optionen pilot T: Aah, yes.

farligt köpa Viagra på nätet C: I like you, Dad.

tastylia review T: Oh, I like you too, Clara.

köp Cialis 80 mg på nätet utan recept C: I think I’m going to like you all my life.

A Jewel

Sildenafil Citrate för kvinnor billigt [as recorded by Catharine O’Neill, some months ago]

cls fx options Clara: I found a jewel. When I have my bath, I’ll be a mermaid. You can hide the jewel in the bath. Then I can find it at the bottom of the ocean.

opcje binarne rsi Timothy: OK. I’ll hide it when you’re not looking, or even thinking about it.

C: OK. (pause) It’s time to hide the jewel now.

T: Wasn’t I supposed to hide it when you’re not thinking about it?

C: Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about it.

Living Downstream

I have now officially given up trying not to write songs about water. Maybe it’s because they always come to me in the shower? http://www.divestit.com.au/?parasyk=fare-trading-sulle-valute&1fc=fc fare trading sulle valute read more...

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Love Budget

[Clara is ready to go to sleep. Whispering with Dad.]

C: Dad? I love you [deep breath] two thousand, a million, a hundred, a zillion, two thousand, a million, a hundred, a zillion, two thousand, a million, a hundred, a zillion… dollars.

T: Wow! That’s a lot.


C: Um, I’m not actually paying you that money. It’s just how much I love you.

T: Oh, I understand.


C: But if I had that much money, I’d give it all…


C: I’d give half of it…


C: I’d give a lot of it to you.

T: There’s not much left that I can teach you, is there?

Veiled threat?

(Clara enters, holding a hammer.)

Clara: Dad? Just to let you know: I would never, never hit you on the head with a hammer.

Timothy: That’s… good…?

C: And not even Mom either!


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