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Cayuga Lake II

Cayuga Lake II

Online jobs opportunities work from home no fees “I draw our lake again.” [Definite sense of wanting something more from the previous work. Dad helped selecting tools and gave general guidance on where to put the water and trees by gesturing; Clara did all drawing with Wacom tablet.]

Cayuga Lake I

Cayuga Lake I

http://nottsbushido.co.uk/hotstore/Hotsale-20150822-112014.html “I draw our lake.” [Topic declared; An underwater image, I think. Dad helped select tools; all drawing by Clara in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.]

Australia zoo

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go site C: [singing] Wobbly camel walking by…

source T: [singing] With padded hooves and hooded eye…

enter site C: Camels at Buffalo Zoo. review of binary options trading signals read more...

Buckwheat song

Clara (to the tune, roughly of the Maisy theme song) (sung to her buckwheat cereal):

What you do today in my bowl?
Cock doodle doo.
I love you,

You need a kiss

[while Dad is changing Clara’s diaper for bed]

Dad: Who’s my girl?

Clara: Me!

D: And who’s your daddy?

C: Timothy John Weber. I kiss your fingers.

[kisses each finger on Dad’s left hand in turn] go to site read more...

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