The Five Stages of Back Pain Having gone through the cycle of back pain many times, I felt like posting this handy chart to aid in discussion:

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Stage Pain Phrase Response Activities
0 none “woohoo” charge around anything
1 tweaks a bit “oh” stretches and strength exercises careful lifting
2 twinges more often “hm” stretches, careful strength exercises, maybe ibuprofen no lifting or bending
3 angrier twinges, aches most of the time “not this again” careful stretches, ibuprofen no smiling or fast movement
4 constant ache and some stabbing “oh no” ibuprofen, cyclobenzaprene no facial expression or unnecessary movement
5 strong pain whenever vertical and often when horizontal “holy sh*t” above + narcotics lie and grimace

the slow fade in dating Fortunately, none of these last forever. Unfortunately, that includes Stage 0.

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